Why Is Retargeting Important For Your Business?

Perhaps you have a local  business and website but you aren’t doing any digital marketing. Or you’ve tried online advertising but weren’t happy with the results. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to online marketing is targeting the right audience. We can help! When you use retargeting ads with Blue Gorilla Digital, you’re able to send a digital reminder to your website visitors and keep your product and business name fresh in their minds!

Why Retargeting is so Powerful

There are many advertising platforms where you can invest your marketing dollars. What counts with marketing isn’t only what your ads look and sound like. Even the most brilliant copy or captivating images won’t make a difference if you’re not reaching the right people. Retargeting ensures that you’re getting your message in front of an audience that’s already given you an indication of interest (by visiting your website). Here are some of the top reasons retargeting is such an important marketing strategy for local businesses:

  • Target Warm Shoppers -Engage with shoppers who’ve already shown enough interest in your product to visit your website. Send them a reminder inviting them to take another look rather than visiting your competitors’ websites.
  • Increase Website Traffic -If you’re like most local business owners we know, you’re probably not saying “I’m struggling with too much traffic to my website.” More likely, you’re eager to attract droves of visitors who are actually interested in your offers and are glad to return to your site.
  • It’s Cost-Effective -Because you’re engaging with such a targeted audience, you can enjoy a better ROI with retargeted ads. According to one study, retargeting can increase ad response up to 400% (1).
  • Increase Brand Awareness -Research shows that many customers need to see an ad multiple times before deciding to buy something. Retargeting helps to reinforce your message and get people more familiar with your business name. That way, even those who don’t buy from you today are more likely to in the future.

Adding retargeting to your digital advertising strategy can keep your business at the forefront of shopper’s minds at a fraction of the cost. Ready to improve your conversions with retargeting? If you’re a local business, Blue Gorilla Digital can help you convert browsers to customers with retargeting ads. Schedule your free 15-minute consult today or give us a call at 561-877-5221!

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