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When foot traffic stops, your online presence shouldn’t.

Is COVID-19 scaring your traffic away?

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, fear and the unknown is keeping much of the world from going to public places, including restaurants, gyms, and car dealerships. It is imperative that your business has open communication with your community. This communication should not only provide details on what your business is doing to keep its employees and operations safe, but convey exactly what you’re doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

And if customers are not spending time in your place of business, communication must reach shoppers where they are spending their time. 

Below we have included a few tips for your business to effectively communicate changes to your safety protocol and operations.  By keeping the doors of communication open, you are also driving sales of at-home shoppers.

 1.  Update your Google My Business Page

This may sound like common sense, but many businesses underutilize Google My Business’s special hours and message features. With a simple click of a button inside your GMB profile, you can:  

    • Let people know you’re open!
    • Update your business hours if they have changed
    • Explain what you are doing to keep staff and visitors safe
    • Let customers know how they can reach you if they have a question
2.  Post on Facebook

Harness the power of social media, especially in times when you want to reach a broad audience, easily and quickly! By posting a simple message on Facebook, you can explain what precautions and guidelines your business has issued to keep your customers and employees safe. You can share items like:

    • How you clean several times a day
    • Your staff is healthy
    • Any employee that does not feel well is compensated to stay at home or take time off for testing
    • Show real photos of customers still visiting your business despite a stressful time
3Consider placing a Facebook or Instagram Ad

With paid Facebook or Instagram ads, you can not only reach a broad, new audience with specific guidelines, but you can also choose to retarget your current website visitors with the same message you are posting to your social media in case they missed it!

4.  Pay Close Attention to Your Reviews and Comments

During impactful times like these, people will be on a heightened sense of alert and may have more questions than usual. Have an internal system in place so that someone is continuously monitoring and reviewing these questions and responding to them appropriately.  

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding Coronavirus, your account, or anything else, please contact us at info@bluegorilladigital.com or 561-510-2209. We wish all of our colleagues and families safety, wellness, and positivity during these challenging times. 

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