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What’s Better Than Geo-Fencing? Data-Fencing!

Location-based data technologies are on the rise, because of their unique potential.

They allow users to collect precious location data and other details about their customers. Such information can provide a great marketing advantage, and generate more sales from a physical location. In spite of that, data fencing might hold some mystique for some business owners. Some aren’t exactly sure why they would need it and what benefits it can provide. Keep reading to learn more about data fencing, and how Blue Gorilla Digital can get you set up in no time!
Geo-fencing technologies are constantly evolving, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Don’t pass up on the unique opportunity they represent for your business!

What Exactly is Data Fencing?

Data-Fencing is often mistaken for Geo-Fencing, but there’s a difference. Data-Fencing brings the process one step further, pushing banner ads to people entering a specific “fence.” Each person entering the ‘fence’ will receive an email and be matched to specific contact and demographic data, and information about the prospect which is later shared with the dealer’s CRM.

Specifically you’ll receive the consumer’s:

  • Name /Address / City / State / Zip
  • Email Address / Phone # – (Scrubbed against a National DNC List)
  • Year, Make & Model of Current Vehicle and Credit Range

In the data-fenced area, mobile users can then be targeted for location-based marketing. This is an example of pinpoint marketing to advertise your business to people who are near you. Thereby increasing relevant traffic to your establishment, and helping you market your products and services to people in your specific area. A typical example of Data-Fencing would be specific ads, displayed on the devices of prospects when they are staying within a specific geo-fenced location.

Blue Gorilla Digital takes the concept to the next level. We don’t just display mobile ads in real time. We also focus on matching the prospect to big-data opt-in consumer databases. This enables to further expand on the reach of the campaign, sending emails in real-time to the prospects by way of a clever automated process.

Such data is extremely valuable, and it can also lead to more successful Facebook ad campaigns since you can use phone numbers and emails to feed into your social media accounts.

Ultimately, Data-Fencing is a powerful marketing tool that is becoming absolutely fundamental in this day and age. It can positively affect your marketing efforts and help your business reach more people who are likely to patronize your brick and mortar location. Data-Fencing can also be used to convey specific information and perks, thus enhancing the experience of your customers in a unique way.

Any questions? At Blue Gorilla Digital, we’d love to discuss with you and provide killer Data-Fencing services tailored to your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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