What is an Online Listing and How NAP Can Affect Your Business

You’re probably wondering what an online listing is. An online business listing is an online entity that contains vital information about your business’s like its Name, Address and Phone (NAP).

When your information is correct everywhere online, you’re not only ensuring potential customers can reach you, but you are telling Google they can trust your business. If your listings are “dirty” and each show something different – Google gets a little suspicious and can push your company’s name down in the search results. Getting your online listings to all be consistent is a vital step in helping your business show up in local searches. Do you know what your NAP score is? What you don’t know CAN hurt you. You may be pushing away potential business and not even know it!


How Does Online Listings Help My Business Be Found?

As most of us are aware, Google rules the digital world. When we play according to their rules, we get rewarded. The same concept applies to your online listings. Google pulls your information from multiple places, some of which you might not even heard of. Some of them include:

    • Phone directories
    • Phone books
    • Business directories for specific industries like OpenTable, Zillow or Healthgrades
    • Review sites like Citysearch and Insider Pages
    • News sites
    • A restaurant review about your business
    • Government websites

Each time one of these places mentions your business, it increases the confidence that Google has in the information that you provided. This makes it more likely for your business to show in its search results. The more times it mentions you, the greater the confidence it has in your business’s information. Plus, you’ll show up everywhere your customers might be looking for you!


Why Is NAP Important?

The important takeaway we want to share with all of local businesses is that if you are not listing your business correctly everywhere online, you are negatively impacting how you are ranking locally. In the past, a few good referrals, a decent looking website and a great product ensured that customers would find you. In a new digital age dominated by mobile phones, voice search and Google searches – if you don’t fix inaccurate listings, you will never find your business at the top of the unpaid search results. Even a slight variation of how your business is listed, like having Suite 15 vs. Ste 15, can greatly affect how you rank.

The good news is clean-up is totally doable! It takes some extra work, but it can be done. If you find yourself too strapped for time or just don’t want to deal with the headache of tracking down passwords and updating information, contact us and we can discuss how we can help.


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