What does OTT RECENCY mean to an advertiser in 2022?

It means the key to an EFFECTIVE ad is reaching the right customer…at the right time. There is a window of opportunity for an ad message that immediately precedes each purchase.

Advertising’s job is to influence that purchase. But Media’s job is to put that message inside the window of opportunity, when the customer is ready to receive it. And that window happens to be AS CLOSE TO THE SALE as you can get it.

Many years ago, I helped start an in-house Television Network at all of the BASS PRO SHOPS stores across the country, with clients who had products in the store, from Coleman Coolers and Tents to Lacrosse Boots and Berkley Fishing Line.

In-house TV was a new concept at that time, and when I started researching it I stumbled upon an article on RECENCY. So, I tracked down the author, and struck up a relationship with a man named Erwin Ephron, who happened to be Ad Age Magazine’s top media buyers of all time, and the FATHER of RECENCY Planning.

RECENCY was based on the premise that reaching ONE Person with ONE MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME…was better than spending all that extra money to achieve multiple frequency.

As a former TV exec, we were always taught to achieve a minimum THREE Frequency in our TV buys that we sold our clients. But I put what Erwin taught me into play, and we had clients who actually showed a 700 Percent Lift in ONE Month, when they ran on the screens in the stores…When the customer was CLOSEST to the sale.

So, Recency has now replaced FREQUENCY as a planning model.

And it’s perfectly executed with Digital Marketing that is targeted correctly. And I do mean targeted correctly.

Whether it be OTT Television, display or any other form of data-based media, the KEY is delivering the media AS CLOSE to when the consumer searches for it as possible. So instead of simply using a bucket of data leads that you think your customer fits in, make sure your marketing department is capable of delivering ads to a person who is shopping NOW…not 30 days ago or 60 days ago or even a week ago!

Because if you’re placing your ads with Recency, there’s a good chance you’re gonna reach that customer when he or she is READY TO BUY, and you’re going to hit it out of the park, WITHOUT WASTING MONEY on any extra ads!

And that my friends, is recency!

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