Web Cookies - What are cookies on websites for?

Web Cookies – What are cookies on websites for?

WHERE ARE MY COOKIES? I’m here to talk to you today about “cookies.” Now I’m not talking about the kind of cookie you eat…instead, I’m talking about the cookie trail you LEAVE every time you execute a web search or visit a website. This is called a WEB Cookie. Or Internet cookie Or browser cookie.

These digital cookies are actually small blocks of data created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user’s computer or other portable devices by the user’s web browser.

Now who remembers the old fable about Hansel and Gretl? These two kids ventured off into the forest and were SMART ENOUGH to leave a trail of crumbs behind them as they walked, so they could find their way back. So if I took a cookie…And I crumbled it up and left a trail of crumbs behind me…AN ADVERTISER could find me, and start serving relevant ads to me while I was online. And that’s exactly what YOU do when you visit someone’s website and a little sign pops up that says ACCEPT ALL COOKIES.

The cookies leave a trail so that you can be “Found”…just like Hansel and Gretl…wherever you go around the world wide web. These “Cookies” enable web servers to store information on the user’s device or to track the user’s browsing activity. BUT PRIVACY LAWS ARE CHANGING ALL THAT Google still allows for cookies, but is in the process of phasing them out. Apple now requires you to OPT-IN to receive advertising messages, instead of OPTING OUT! BIG DIFFERENCE! So, as cookies and THIRD PARTY DATA start to go away, WHAT’S A DEALER TO DO? Well it’s simple. You’re going to have to rely a lot more on FIRST-PARTY Data! That means data COLLECTED FROM YOUR WEBSITE and your CRM.

If you’re NOT aready doing it, You can use that data to A.) Power your Social Media Strategy by uploading your lists and building lookalike audiences from the data you feed in B.) You can use those lists more effectively by switching to a more robust email strategy. Here at Blue Gorilla Digital send anywhere form 6 to 10 emails per month for many of our clients, and the ROI data on email is incredible when you use your first-party data correctly. (Hint: MOST DEALERS DON’T! C.) And C…You can use those same lists to power a Programmatic DIGITAL Strategy, by using addressable data for Display Ads, PPC, OTT Video, and Video Pre-Roll ads. The best thing about all of this? You are now Eliminating a lot of the WASTE associated with your traditional advertising. SO If you haven’t started “AMPING UP” your First-Party Data Strategy, you better start doing it now… BEFORE ALL THE COOKIES GO AWAY!

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