Preparing To Re-Open for Business?

Preparing To Re-Open for Business?

When all of the COVID madness first started, you might have found yourself forced to close your business’s doors.  Now that states are beginning to re-opening some businesses, you should be asking yourself: Am I really ready to re-open for business? “Business as usual” may take a bit more time to achieve than just simply re-opening your doors. It means that the way your business is physically set-up may need to change. Desks, displays, and workspaces may need re-thought, too. Your customers are no exception. How do you plan to let them know you’re open and ready to help service them? Additionally, you should have a plan in place to continue to share how your storefront is a clean, safe place. Read below for five ways you can not only reach your customers with a “We’re Open” advertising message, but encourage them to keep returning. 

  1. Use Social Media To Communicate

Social media statistics have gone up considerably since the beginning of 2020. Thanks to the recent health crisis, people have more time on their hands, and they are spending it on social media. This growing trend includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. So, take advantage of this shift in behavior and design an engaging social media plan. You can start by posting before you open to letting people know your plans and a timeframe of when they can expect your business to re-open. As mentioned above, it’s going to take some time for people to feel comfortable visiting businesses again. Don’t forget to continue to remind them why your place of business is a haven. 

2. Online Video Advertising

Video Pre-Roll should be a top-content priority for your business. Not only has Video Pre-Roll become popular among web users, but it also serves as a quick way to get your name in front of new eyes. People who view your ad have already decided to watch a video, whether that is on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Running an ad before the user’s desired content means the audience is likely engaged and willing to sit through a brief ad. You can even opt-in for Video Pre-Roll on partnered websites that feature video content! This strategy works specifically well because you already have their attention, and you can add an actionable call to action to encourage your customers to further engage with your business. For example, viewers can click through to your website for more information or buy directly. 

3. Advertise to Targeted Audiences

Since people are spending more time online, you should start to take native ads and display ads into consideration for your digital advertising strategy. Why is that? For one, native ads are displayed on social media, and their purpose is to mimic the regular content the user is used to seeing. This helps because the ads grab their attention in a less intrusive way than other advertising like some forms of traditional media. Also, display ads can be placed on websites and apps that have commercial space. You can use attention-grabbing creative and a call to action to hook your audience. Last, you can use display for retargeting efforts, which reminds your customers about your business or a product/service they were interested in. When you combine both these strategies with a hyper-targeted audience, you’ll ensure that people receiving your ads are the ones who are more likely to convert, helping you achieve your bottom line – improving your ROI. 

4. Create an Email Campaign

Do you already have a mailing list? Are you following up with them? Now is the best time to be active online with an email campaign to let your customers know you’re still around, you care about them, and share the latest news. When you consistently connect with your audience by sharing relevant content, you’re not only informative, but you’re empathetic to their fears. With a newsletter or email blast, you can share your latest safety protocols, an opening date, FAQ’s, featured products, How-To tutorials. There are infinite topic opportunities to share with your customers for your business. Explore your options, design a plan, and execute it! 

Prepare for the New Normal. Take steps to ensure your re-opening will be a smooth transition NOW! After all, how will your customers know when your doors will be back open without an advertising campaign? Before opening back up for business, thoughtfully design your communication strategy. Need help? We are here for you! Contact us today at 561-877-5221 or email us at 

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