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Put a spotlight on your business with YouTube Videos!

People have always sought input as they’ve shopped and today – that input is coming from YouTube. From reviews and how-to videos, to product manuals and company overviews, YouTube users are engaged with and search for branded videos to help make a purchase decision. Unless you’re there, you’re missing out!


There’s a lot of benefits given when you advertise on YouTube. For starters, it is significantly less expensive than running a traditional TV advertising campaign. You will reach more people for a fraction of the cost vs. advertising on television. Also, keep in mind that online visitors prefer videos to images. They will be more engaged with your business and increase your brand recall. Plus, YouTube is the second most trafficked website in the world after Google with 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users. Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Expand your digital reach: you have the highest potential to reach your target audience.
  • Get customers with targeting options: you’ll be able to select your audience based on interest and behavior history.
  • Duration: You can choose the length of your campaign and have complete control on how and when it will run.
  • Customize your ads to reach your goals: Get the best performance with a creative approach to your message. Tell a story, share reviews, educate… you name it!
  •  Share-ability: People can share your content to people other who might be interested! It’s like a direct recommendation from a friend.
  • Measurability: See reporting on how your campaign is performing and work with Blue Gorilla to adjust accordingly.

Get A Blue Gorilla By Your Side!

Advertising on YouTube will be a Breeze with Blue Gorilla Digital by your side. We will help you navigate though the digital jungle and create engaging, creative campaigns that will ensure results. Some of our best practices include creating an experience for your customers with a dynamic YouTube Channel, remarketing efforts, continuous optimization to ensure results and reporting to track performance.

Schedule your 15- minute consultation today and see how YouTube Advertising will bring a spotlight on your business!