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The future of marketing is personal.

Social media is the world’s hangout spot. It’s the space where you can convince your audience to check out your website and convert. Through the right social media management, you can connect with your target audience on a platform where they are most themselves.

On these Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re entering your audience’s comfort zone. This is where they’re most expressive, and with the right strategy, this is where you can build deep connections with your business. Schedule an obligation-free consultation about social media management with us, today.

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Connect with your audience on a human level

To break through the clutter of online ads, it’s not enough to simply show a few nice pictures and tell your audience about how great your business is. Social media allows you to connect with your audience on a human level.

The core of social media consists of organic, unpaid posts. You might have already tried this tactics: create a business page, start posting, and gather some likes that will see your future posts. Without consistency or a strategy, you probably won’t get far.

Within this package, we help you optimize that presence. Every month, we will provide a monthly content calendar that features the topics we will feature on your page throughout the month. That includes photos and any graphics to make your posts more engaging. You can approve the calendar prior to the start of the month, and we’ll publish the content on your behalf at a frequency we’ve agreed on.

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Paid Social Media

Organic, unpaid social media management is a great way to build a community around your business. To reliably use channels like Facebook and Instagram as a business growth channel, you need a paid component in the form of advertising.

Billions of users log into their favorite social media channels every day to connect with friends, share their thoughts, or do some research on interesting topics. To truly reach them, you have to go beyond simply posting on your own page, to your own followers.

There’s a reason businesses will spend almost $19 billion on social media ads this year. Among younger audiences, social media is already the preferred advertising channel, digital or otherwise. For businesses, it’s cheaper than any other tactics, allowing you to target thousands of users with extremely specific demographic and geographic parameters.

The set up can get complex. You’ll need an Ads Manager account, and know how to navigate around the platform. Ideally, a Facebook pixel on your site helps you track conversions and engage in retargeting for recent web visitors.

In this package, we’ll partner with you to build out all of these components and optimize your targeting to reach the right consumers with the right message, as cost-effective as possible.

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