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Forget the guesswork. Get the right ads to the right people at the right time.

Retarget people who are interested in your business and product.

Driving traffic to your website is just a part of the marketing puzzle. Because an astonishing 92% of website visitors don’t purchase on their first visit, you should be adding some key extra steps to get them to convert. One of the most important steps is Retargeting people who already visited your site with strategic branded ads that are tailored to their experience with your website.

How Does It Work?

Setting up a retargeting campaign lets you to add a tracking code on your website that is invisible to the user. This tracking code, called a cookie, will help you track the visitor’s journey and provides an opportunity to serve your ads wherever they are on the internet. By knowing how your audience browses and where they are on the internet, you will know how far along they are in the decision-making process, their interests and even their experience with your business. That way you can serve them with a personalized ad to get them to return to your website.

How Do I Turn Potential Leads To Customers?

Easy, just follow these best practices of retargeting.

  1. Remind your customers why they liked you: Typically, customers decide to purchase after seeing an ad 7 times. Just keep in mind how many times they’ll see it within a specific timeframe.
  2. Target a specific audience with tailored messages: Know where your customer is in their buying process and what they are in the market for. Then, serve them an ad to incentivize them to visit your website again and finish their purchase.
  3. Provide added value: People who are already customers are most likely to purchase again. Provide added value from your products or services they are interested in.

If you’re interested in setting up a retargeting campaign to convert website viewers into customers, we can help you bring the right ad to the right people at the right time! We have you covered for all your retargeting needs:  set up and manage your campaign, help you define your target audience, build the creative pieces, and more. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today!