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Turning Broadcast Messages into Narrowcast Messages

The age of broadcast television is coming to an end. If you’re still building your marketing on it, it’s time to move to the next age. For most companies, it’s both expensive and wasteful. Most likely, the net you cast is far too unfocused to reliably reach your target audience.

Here’s a thought exercise: If over 80% of your customers come from within a 10-mile radius of your business and the station you broadcast on has a 60-mile radius, you are paying for a lot of irrelevant customers. Video Pre-Roll offers a narrowcasting alternative, allowing you to target your TV spot or online video message precisely and ONLY where you want it to be seen, down to a single zip code.

Get your spots in front of Facebook, YouTube, and other digital users. As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube’s 1.5 billion global users are an especially tempting demographic. And yet, in-depth targeting possibilities allow you to closely match your intended audience, putting your ads in front of the people who matter most.

Hyper-Targeted Pre-Roll Video

Deliver Video To In-Market Prospects

The biggest advantage of digital video over broadcast TV is its focus. Through our hyper-targeting possibilities, we can help you increase the efficiency and success of your ad spend.

Hyper-Targeted Video Pre-Roll delivers relevant and engaging content directly to your prospects. Or, shoppers who are currently seeking your type of product or service. Using the same overlays as our programmatic display, we can make sure you reach only active, in-market shoppers within a geo-targeted location.

We accomplish this goal through 60+ data providers, which allows us to place your message in front of the right customers at the right time. That targeting possibility goes down to the zip code level Remember the thought exercise above? Now, think about how effective your ads could be if they only reach relevant audiences within that 10 mile radius.

Don’t be afraid to dig into video because you lack the right spot to promote your business. We can supply video creative that allows you to leverage hyper-targeted pre-roll ads towards real business growth.

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