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What Happens When Customers Type Your Business Name Into Google?

person holding phone with globe on screenImagine being missing from the world’s most popular website. Worse, imagine what happens when your information on the website that averages more than 40,000 searches every month is wrong or outdated. Any effort to build your online presence has to start by making sure that your directory listing on Google is built out the right way.

When potential customers search for you, on their phone or a desktop computer, they will look for very specific information. It’s your responsibility to make sure that information appears at all, and is accurate in a way that helps your audience get exactly where you need. If your customers can’t find you on Google, or start finding inconsistency, you might lose them to a competitor.

We can help you make it a more positive, consistent experience. Google My Business is a callout box that appears when your customers search for you online. Whether you need help cleaning up your My Business Profile or need to build one from scratch, work with us to ensure you always know the answer to what happens when customers type your business name into the world’s most popular search engine.

From NAP Score to Advanced Directory Options

The basics of every Google My Business Profile consist of your NAP score. That stands for Name, Address, and Phone number – the three core tenets of your business’s online listing. They need to be accurate on the profile itself, but also on your website to avoid getting flagged or downgraded by the search engine. In fact, your NAP accuracy on your website is the #1 factor affecting local search ranking.

When you work with us, our job is to get those basics right throughout your online presence. But we can also go deeper. Learn how you can read and react to reviews, add images to make the profile more appealing, or start My Business Posts designed to communicate more timely information.image of searching online

Your online profile will often be your audience’s first impression of your business. You have to make sure you get it right. From simple creation to advanced management, our Directory Listing services help you leverage the full power of Google in gaining attention and customers.