Digital Display Advertising (Programmatic) - Blue Gorilla Digital

If you’re still building your marketing strategy around traditional marketing tactics, you’re being left behind. Through digital display web banner campaigns, you can control the delivery and viewership of your ads to pinpoint your delivery for maximum effectiveness.

Take Full Control Of Your Online and Mobile Message Delivery

It’s about more than just exposure. Traditional tactics like TV and billboards might get you in front of your audiences. But you have no idea whether they’re actually paying attention. Through digital display, you can take control of your message, and at a lower cost to boot.

Did you know that 70% of internet users research your business online before they make a purchase? What message they find is completely up to you. It’s the next generation of banner ads.

You’re no longer limited to purchasing banner space on a single website like your local newspaper’s online presence. Through our programmatic ad platform, we continually bid to get your ads in front of your best prospects, no matter what website they’re visiting, at the best possible price.

Get your ad in front of the right audience, at a time when they’re actually paying attention. By working with us, you can define your ad based on only audiences that are likely to become your customers, and let us do the rest.

Hyper-Targeted Display Advertising

We make ad buys for you geographically and demographically, so your ad could appear on hundreds of websites – but only to people who are in your target area and reflect your target demographic. Through these channels, we can integrate big data with your message and brand.

Deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Drive your ads towards active, in-market shoppers in your trading area. That might mean finding the right demographics, or even users who are currently or have recently been shopping online for your product or your competitor’s product.

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