OTT Advertising Relevancy

OTT Relevancy in 2022

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A lot of my car dealers have been talking to me lately about OTT. And, when you use OTT television, you have to look at what are the benefits. And I think one of the biggest benefits of using OTT is relevancy. So I’m going to talk today about what is relevancy and why it’s important to automotive advertisers. Relevancy has everything to do with your ad prospect absorbing and retaining your message. If your ad doesn’t mean anything to your prospect, that you’re delivering it to, you’re just going to get them to tune out. So how do you make commercials for your dealership more around. I’m going to give you three letters. OTT! You’ve probably heard about OTT advertising but wondered maybe what it is, and maybe you’re a little embarrassed to say, I don’t know, but OTT stands for Over The Top and it roughly translates to an industry term that’s meant for a set top box, like maybe a cable box for apple TV or an Amazon fire stick or Chromecast or Roku. It could also mean connected TV, which is pretty much similar. It’s a smart TV, like a Samsung or a Vizio that already has the streaming apps built in. So OTT, we’re talking about streaming ads on a large television in the household. So we’re not talking about delivering to the phone. We’re talking about the big screen and we’re talking about delivering a relevant ad. So what does OTT have to do with relevancy? Everything because OTT lets you target people who are receptive to your message because they were already shopping for it online. You see, we deliver ads with OTT using data. So someone goes to a website, they search for something and maybe it’s, they’re going to KBB or. or something so we know from their behavior that they’re shopping for a car. So now we’re going to target that person and deliver an ad to them in the home, and the ads going to be relevant. So let me explain the difference between that and broadcast television. On broadcast you come home from work, you sit down on your sofa and you want to watch the news it starts running and bam, six commercials come at you in a row. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Fast forward through the commercials that you paused and you get back to the news, right? So they’ve skipped! If you, if you were paying for that ad, you just wasted a ton of money on broadcast television, but with OTT, your ads delivered on a streaming device and it’s non-skippable. And the difference is when that person sits down to start a program on a streaming device, they’re ready to watch that program. So when your ad arrives, they’re expecting it before the show starts. It’s non-skippable, which means they have to watch it and since and they were targeted based on user specific interests locations, actual online behaviors, the ad is much more relevant. So delivering your ads via OTT means you’re putting your ad in front of people who are interested in your product have been shopping for it, or for some or for something like it, and are much more receptive to receiving it. And since it’s targeted toward them, they pay attention to it. Wow. What a concept, someone actually seeing your ad and paying attention to it! And since it’s non-skippable, again, they have to watch it. So you can go back to spending your money on broadcast TV, not knowing who it’s going to, or even if they’re even close to your store because they could be miles away or you can target exactly who you want on OTT – relevant customers with a relevant message. And that’s why relevancy is important!

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