My Site Shopper + Data Fencing = Data Rich Leads

Sixty-five percent of businesses say generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge. How does your dealership generate leads? What yields more results, high funnel leads purchased from third-parties or marketing directly to prospects that have already visited your website or are already your competitor’s low funnel leads? The obvious answer is the latter. Being able to develop a high-quality, data rich prospect list in which to market means increased sales and less wasted ad spend. My Site Shopper™ and Data-Fencing™ are two products that make a powerful combination. Here’s how they can transform your lead generation strategy.

My Site Shopper™

According to Marketo, 96 percent of website visitors aren’t ready to buy. Are you capturing these ghost visitors and turning them into actionable leads? My Site Shopper™ effectively does this for you. Data rich leads are delivered nightly to a designated manager’s email. These leads include complete demographic information, including the prospect’s name, address, email (with opt-in permissions) and phone number, which has already been compared with the national Do Not Call List. In addition, you’ll get the prospect’s current vehicle information and credit range.

Data Fencing™

Geofencing has gained popularity in recent years, mostly because 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone. Geofencing uses GPS on those mobile devices to define geographic boundaries for marketing campaigns. When a device enters a certain area, a text message, email alert or app notification can be triggered. Data-Fencing™ takes those capabilities and makes them even more powerful by combining data matching, ad serving and email deployment. We match prospects that are within each geo-fence to the same data as we match site visitors. The geo-fence area can include up to 20 competitive dealerships. Each matched prospect will instantly receive an email or banner ad with your messaging. You’ll also receive a list of these prospects directly for follow-up. It’s as if you were able to set up a banner right outside your competitor’s showroom door, directing prospects to your offers. You’ll also be able to compare which prospects entered your geo-fence who also visited your website.

My Site Shopper™ PRO

Now, picture getting all the benefits of My Site Shopper™ and Data-Fencing™. That’s exactly what you get with My Site Shopper PRO™. This cutting-edge, stealth technology not only helps you capture more ghost website leads, but helps you convert them as well. My Site Shopper PRO™ makes a powerful force for conversion optimization. Contact the team at Blue Gorilla Digital to learn more.

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