Workshop - Blue Gorilla Digital

Learn Why Traditional Word of Mouth
Isn’t Enough In The Digital Age

People are searching and relying on online reviews more than ever.

That’s because today, your average consumer bases their purchase decision on existing customers’ feedback and not on traditional word-of-mouth-marketing.

In this exclusive 10-minute workshop, you’ll learn how online reviews can help you instantly reach hundreds of new leads for free. Plus, you’ll find out the impact reviews have on your business growth and get insights on what you can do to leverage reviews to meet your business’s goals.

Join Jacob Truitt, Digital Strategist, And Learn…

  • Why online reviews are important in the digital age
  • How people search for local businesses.
  • How to achieve your business goals with digital word of mouth.
  • How to optimize your review process to get the most out of online reviews.

Jacob Truitt | Digital Strategist

Jacob is a business marketing specialist at Blue Gorilla Digital. He is an expert in designing digital advertising strategies and ad placements for small to medium-sized businesses and is certified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Snapchat, and Waze. When he’s not busy navigating the digital jungle, he likes to explore the outdoors and fish.