Working successfully in the Automobile industry for decades has helped Blue Gorilla Digital understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to email campaigns. For some reason, customers object more strongly to unwanted emails than they do to regular junk mail delivered to their physical mailbox. It could be due to unscrupulous subject lines that trick the person to open up the email.

One example is a fake greeting that sounds like it’s coming from an old friend but it’s really just a car advertisement. The person may feel let down that it wasn’t the friend writing them and then gets mad at you because you fooled them.

That is not a good way to initiate a conversation with a potential customer. Who cares if the click-through rate on your subject lines are high if it creates distrust and anger? Those are two strong emotions you do not want associated with your business.

Do you have an effective email message catered to your customers?

Having the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is vital to achieving this. The term CRM was coined in the 90’s and it basically has become the buzzword to define the system that a business utilizes to manage their relationship with their clients. It’s why your database is so important.

By knowing your target audience, each email can be personalized and will make sense when it is opened. The reader will trust you if the subject seems written just for them. They then feel connected, possibly even grateful for the news or deal you are sending them.

Trust, Grateful, Connected: emotions you definitely want associated with your dealership.

So imagine you are sending out an email announcing free oil changes to all cars with mileage 70k and more, regardless of where they were purchased.

This shouldn’t be a blanket email blast to everyone on your list. It should be targeted.


Because you may be upsetting people if this is read by a customer who just paid full price for an oil change at your dealership. Or they just bought a package deal that included oil changes for life on their new car. Those customers may read your offer and think, “Well I just spent 40 bucks today at that dealership getting an oil change and they didn’t give me any deal.” Or maybe the customer bought a brand new car from you last week, and won’t need an oil change for 5k miles, but is miffed you didn’t offer him a free one… but you would to someone with a high-mileage vehicle who didn’t even buy it there. Where’s the loyalty in that?

So to avoid the bitterness, wouldn’t it be better to only send that special out to prospects on your list who were looking to buy or did buy from you 5 or more years ago?

Because they might actually have high mileage vehicles!

By getting them into your repair shop for a free oil change, you could potentially up-sell them a new car.

And for the others, a well-crafted Thank You email to all recent buyers coupled with a discounted oil change coupon is a great way to acknowledge their loyalty.

That’s just one example of targeted email blasts using the information from your CRM. Contact Blue Gorilla Digital to discover more.

If you want the leading source for automotive strategies designed to drive traffic to your dealership, contact Blue Gorilla Digital. They craft a great message coupled with a specific call to action which enables your email blasts to be a very effective marketing and sales tool.

The Blue Gorilla team has a vast understanding of the industry and uses cutting edge design tactics to build the best-looking, most responsive design elements for automotive dealerships across the country. Click here to get in contact with them today.

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