Get Your Ads to the Right People At the Right Time

Forget the guesswork. Get the right ads to the right people at the right time.

Have you ever almost bought something, left before adding it to your cart and shortly after saw the product advertised for 20% off? You’ve been retargeted! There are several variations for retargeting but the general idea is to remind people who’ve already shown interest in a product. It’s one of the most effective types of advertising for the reason that you already know that these people have an interest.

Imagine if you could serve a retargeting ad to people who have already visited your website or with whom you’ve already established some type of relationship. For example, maybe they’re on your email list. This takes away so much of the guesswork that’s usually involved with advertising and truly lets you get your ads in front of the right customers at the right time!

Benefits of Retargeting

While many online businesses focus on getting more traffic, what really counts is conversions. This means people taking the action you want, whether it’s buying your product or signing up for your mailing list. Conversion rates vary quite a bit from one industry to another. According to one study, the average conversion rate for e-commerce is only 1.7% (1). Looking at in another way, that’s 97.3% of visitors leaving without converting on their first visit! Retargeting helps you adjust those challenging odds in a more favorable way. You can get interested visitors who may have forgotten to buy something to return.

Running a Campaign With Blue Gorilla Digital

Here are some of the best practices we follow to make it easier for you to run successful campaigns if you are a local business:

  • Design engaging creative ads that ensure you’re serving relevant content that wins viewers’ attention.
  • Fine-tune ad placements by targeting geographic data, age, gender, subject matter and hundreds of more options so your ad relevance and performance remain high.
  • Add a frequency cap so that website visitors continue having a positive association with your brand.

Retargeting to your audience will make a big difference in the results you see with your advertising campaigns. To find out more, schedule your free 15-minute consultation today or give us a call at 561-877-5221!

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