Facebook Advertising 101: Trust Us, You Need It

With any kind of advertising, the goal is to reach potential consumers who would consider, and end up buying, your product. With more traditional advertising like print, TV, and radio there is a lot of wasted coverage, which means a large chunk of the audience that is receiving your message is not relevant to your business. With mediums and audiences that large there is no opportunity to directly target the people you want; you can only hope they see it and choose to act. With Facebook Advertising, however, you can get hyper-targeted audiences, so you only reach people who are legitimately interested in your business based on their online interactions.


What makes Facebook Advertising special?

Facebook Advertising (FA) is not a new face to the digital advertising game, but it continues to be one of the most important avenues for small businesses to expand their digital footprint. FA has a ton of great tools to help you fine tune your advertising tactics toward a specific audience, but its biggest asset is the Pixel. The Pixel tracks activity from Facebook to your website and vice versa so you can see data about people visiting your page. Some things you can see, for example, is what pages they navigate to when they get to your website and how they got there. By getting specific data on user demographics such as age, gender, time on site, etc., you can not only target them directly, you can also create something called a lookalike audience. The lookalike audiences work by targeting individuals with similar characteristics and behaviors as your established base who have not yet discovered your business. The Pixel also allows you to retarget those who already visited your website and left. You can even customize the retargeted ad they see based on the action they made while on your site.


How will Facebook Advertising help my local business?

Let’s look at an example. For sake of explanation, we will use a fictional company called Stephanie’s Sweater Store. Stephanie’s Sweater Store is a new clothing boutique that creates apparel based on zodiac signs and astrology. Stephanie’s main target audience is millennials who are between the ages of 18-25, female, live in Baltimore, Maryland, and are interested in astrology and zodiac signs. Within Facebook’s Ad Builder, she can build her audience to be exactly those individuals. Since Facebook has access to all the info users input onto their page, businesses can target via interests (i.e. clothing, women’s clothing, astrology, sweaters, etc.), pages liked, career fields, geographic location (as specific as zip code!) and more. And, as you input more and more specific interests and behaviors Facebook will suggest other markers that you can use to make your audience even more niche. Once the ad is live and people start to interact, the Pixel gets to work! It begins to collect data that will help you gain insights in order to optimize your ads for maximum success.


Facebook Advertising and the Pixel are invaluable advertising tools for any small business looking to make a digital impact without wasting coverage (and money) on audience members you don’t want or need! For more information on how you can implement Facebook Advertising for your local business, contact a Facebook Certified Expert at Blue Gorilla Digital today. And stay tuned to the Blue Gorilla Digital Blog to learn more through our Facebook Advertising series!

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