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Don’t Be Left Behind! What Local Businesses Need To Know About Digital Advertising

Owning a small business comes with its own set of challenges and requires a variety of “hat wearing;” including advertising.

Marketing is a job in itself, and now that we’re in the electronic age, we can add digital advertising to the mix.

As overwhelming as it may be, having a digital presence is worth the effort since online users spend more than a third of their time on social media platforms. Staying on top of the trends can also provide insight into what your competition is doing and pave a clearer path to your target market.

Social Media

It’s not necessary to advertise on every social media platform and with this in mind, it’s important to know which channels your ideal clients spend their time. Begin with one platform and add more as you become comfortable with each. According to WordStream, “Google and Facebook still hold the largest share of total US digital ad spend, with 38.6% and 19.9% respectively.” Since Facebook is the platform of choice for the majority of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketers, it’s safe to assume that Facebook would be a good place to start with your digital advertising.

Online Shopping

Online shoppers are quite savvy, and more than one-third of them research products and brands before making a purchase. The content you share could be the determining factor in their decision. Over 80% of consumers continue their research on a mobile device while in the store. Your business appearing in their mobile search ad results can drive brand awareness and sales and potentially create customer loyalty.

Digital Advertising

Catapulting your small business into the digital advertising market now while it’s still cost-prohibitive will generate leads and prepare your business for integration into the future trends of digital advertising. If you haven’t already, start your Facebook Pixel to start gathering data about your customers before possible data selects are no longer available.

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