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Our main goal is to put an 800 pound gorilla in your showroom to help you sell more inventory. We work seamlessly with owners, GMs, General Sales Managers and Service Managers to make sure your automotive advertising works for you. We ensure that all of your projects are manufacturer and FTC compliant, so you can keep your focus on increasing your sales.

Let us help you promote your marketing needs quickly and cohesively. With our different automotive solutions, we will lock out your competition and help you secure your market exclusivity.

Conquest Marketing

Using our creative and permission-based delivery platform, you can target the following segments to drive qualified traffic to your dealership website:

  • Current in-market shoppers
  • Expiring leases in 30-60-90 days
  • Your manufacturer brand
  • Competitive manufacturers
  • Vehicle segments i.e. trucks/SUVs
  • Credit tiers

It’s Easy and Affordable!

How it works:

  • Select your target prospects
  • Send us your offers
  • Choose the number of prospects you want to reach

We do the rest!

  • Fully transparent real-time reporting
  • Targeted deployments
  • Custom creative
  • Proven results
  • Minimum guarantees – 10% open rates / 1.5% CTR
  • Manufacturer & FTC compliant

Digital Display Web Banner Campaigns

Control the delivery and viewership of your ads through targeted digital display demographics such as:

  • Zip code or city
  • County or DMA (Distribution market Advantage)
  • Radius around your business
  • Age/sex demographics

And many other demographics that help pinpoint delivery for maximum effectiveness.

Video Pre-Roll Campaigns

Video Pre-Roll lets you target your TV spot or online video message exactly where you want to be seen down to a single zipcode. Avoid the waste of broadcast TV!

Geo-Fencing + Matched Data + Automated Response

Geo-fencing creates a virtual fence around a brick and mortar locations. With Blue Gorilla Digital’s Data Fencing products, we not only display mobile ads in real-time, but also match the prospects to “Big Data” opt-in consumer database. That allows us to deliver an automated, real-time email to those prospects captured within the Data Fence.

We then provide you the contact and demographic data for those within the geo-fence directly to you via email or through your CRM.

You will receive the consumer’s:

  • Full Name / Address/ City / State / Zip
  • Email Address / Phone Number (Scrubbed against National DNC List)
  • Year / Make / Model of Current Vehicle
  • Credit Range

My Site Shopper is an innovative new lead generation solution for dealership websites. Our patent pending technology allows you to gain detailed information about your web visitors.

The DataPixel also allows you to track and follow which pages your visitors have viewed and how long they viewed that page down to the second. The best part is, they don’t even have to fill out a form.

Some of the benefits of My Site Shopper are:

  • Web visitor abandonment is decreased
  • You receive qualified leads every day
  • The DataPixel algorithm captures hundreds of different fields and then uses a distinct set of variable fields to tie in “Big Data” and opt-in only contact information back to the consumer visiting your website.
  • Bot traffic is eliminated
  • We match 45% of remaining visitors
  • All the information is pushed to CRM or to BDC via email nightly

You will receive the consumer’s:

  • Web page(s) Visited and duration of page visit
  • First name, middle initial, last name, address, city, state, zip, county
  • Email addresses
  • Marital status
  • Estimated income ranges
  • Date of birth
  • Age and gender
  • Inferred credit score
  • Ethnicity and language preference
  • Presence of children, number of children, single vs. multi family
  • Homeowner vs. renter
  • First year in home
  • Home value
  • Year, make, model, and VIN and many other specs of current vehicle
  • Vehicle purchase new vs. used

Social Media Campaigns

Connect your dealership with millions of new customers and drive more sales today! With our Social Media Campaign packages, we create a customized Facebook Ad and target audiences through paid Facebook Ad campaigns – delivering only engaging and unique content.

  • Choose your desired outcome
  • Drive local sales
  • Drastically increase your Facebook followers

Direct Mail

We establish long-term relationships with our dealers, so that we can prevent overlapping campaigns and overlapping targets, and recommend the right schedule of mail at the right time of year, to bring you the best results possible on a consistent basis. Or goal is never a one-time sale, but rather a long-term, successful relationship. From copy-writing, to design, to printing and mailing services – we can create custom designs to match events, holidays and themes. Check out some of our work at our sister company Blue Gorilla Mail.

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