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We’ve Combined Technologies to Convert Leads and Lower Your Ad Spend

My Site Shopper™ identifies and converts your ghost website visitors into actionable leads.

We then use matched data for site shoppers and targeted prospects. These leads are sent nightly via a data push to a designated manager’s/BDC email or to a segmented area of your dealership CRM.

Prospect data you will receive:

  • Consumer Information – You will receive each prospect’s Name / Address / City / State / Zip Code
  • Contact Information – All profiles are matched with email addresses and phone numbers. Email addresses have all opt-in permissions, and phone numbers have been scrubbed against the national Do Not Call List.
  • Vehicle Information – Customers will be matched to the Year/ Make / Model of their vehicle.
  • Credit Range – You will receive the estimated credit range of each matched data profile.

Think of Data-Fencing™ as Geo-Fencing, but WAY more powerful. Our product allows us to combine Geo-Fencing, Data Matching, Ad Serving and Email Serving all in one product!

Additionally, we are able to:

  • Geo-Fence up to 20 Competitive Dealerships.
  • Match prospects that are within each geo-fence to the same data as we match site visitors.
  • We push instantaneous emails and display banners to them and continuously re-target them for one month.
  • We push the contact info to your dealerships.
  • We show you prospects who were targeted in your competitor’s showrooms and then crossed the geo-fence into your dealership showroom.

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