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What Is Data-Fencing™?

Geo-fencing technology creates a virtual fence around a brick and mortar location. As consumers step within the geo-fence, their mobile phones become available for location-based marketing. Typical geo-fencing companies simply display mobile ads to consumers while they are within a geo-fenced location.

With Blue Gorilla Digital’s Data Fencing product, we not only display mobile ads in real-time, but also match the prospect to “Big Data” opt-in consumer databases. That allows us to deliver an automated, real-time email to those prospects captured within the Data Fence. We then provide the contact and demographic data for those within the geo-fence directly to you via email or through your CRM.

You Will Receive the Consumer’s:

  • Full Name / Address / City / State / Zip
  • Email Address / Phone Number (Scrubbed against National DNC List)
  • Year, Make & Model of Current Vehicle
  • Credit Range

Since both phone and email are provided, you can use this data to feed into your social media accounts for Facebook Display campaigns.

Example Use Cases:

  • AUTOMOTIVE – Car Dealerships and their competitor locations
  • HOME BUYERS – Geofence open houses for Real Estate offers, Home Improvement, Insurance, Mortgages, Financing, Moving Services, Landscaping, Pool Services, etc.
  • STADIUMS/ARENAS/ CONVENTIN CENTERS – Sporting Events, Concerts, Trade Shows
  • HOSPITALITY – Airports, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants, Concierge Services

What Does This Mean For You?

With matched consumer data you receive, you can reach your prospects automatically when they enter the Data-Fence through channels like:

Triggered Email Messages

  • Emails are tailored to the goal of your dealership
  • Emails deploy automatically when a prospect enters the Data-Fence

Triggered Banner Ads

  • Retargeting Banner Display ads are created with a cohesive, matching offer
  • Ads deploy automatically when a prospect enters the Data-Fence

Data Push

  • Prospect data, including phone and email, are pushed to you via email or CRM. You can use this data to feed into Facebook for targeted follow-up campaigns, or to ringless voicemail or direct mail campaigns.

Ready to Switch to Data-Fencing™?

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